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  • Height: 107,5 cm
  • Material: wood, pigments, cassuary feathers
  • Position:
  • Gender:
  • Indigenous name:
  • Price realised: € 19.000,- hp


Jan van Riel (1907-1988), Tilburg; Veilinghuis De Zwaan Amsterdam, 13-11-2015, lot 3204


Additional information

A parry shield used in mock combat. The design of the present shield is clearly derived from Moluccan examples. Imported objects or objects from foreign origin were locally conceived as media accumulating prosperity and health. (Kamma 1982, 80) A central rectangular ridge connects the korwar head at the top with the protrusion on the lower side. The hourglass shape has a two indents at either side right in the centre of the panel. There is a dualistic subdivision, i.e. the upper and lower side, the use of two pigments, red and white against a black background. A special feature is the presence of two anthropomorphic figures in the two panels below. These depictions occur, though rarely encountered, on panels acquired in the late 19th or early 20th century and may depict mythic ancestors or culture heroes.

Photo credits

Veilinggebouw De Zwaan, Amsterdam

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