• Height: 30,3 cm.
  • Material: wood, shell, brass
  • Position:
  • Gender:
  • Indigenous name: ba’
  • Price realised: FF 350.000,- hp


Robert van der Stuck, Bali; Malcolm Kirk, New York 1973; Jean-Claude Bellier, Paris; C. de Quay & F. Lombrail, Paris 21-6-1995; lot 35; Michel Perinet, Paris.


Grunne, Bernard de (2015), Dayak, p. 81, nr. 5.



Additional information

The plank below has been lost. The backrest is identified as the Brooke Low style, similar to the one held in the Kuching museum and first published in 1898 by Ling Roth. Not only are the faces well carved, the accumulation of materials used reflects the wealth of the family to which it originally belonged.

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